The HealYou Tribe

“In a time of chaos, we must create peace.” -Dr. Dope

Women. Cannabis. Healing.

Welcome! We are grateful for your presence here. HealYou was created as a peaceful space to help women of all wakes of life take control of their healing. Our goal is to create an Ultimate Healing Experience with a foundation deeply rooted in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

HealYou offers specialized therapies that are non-invasive, natural, and promote-self healing. Our sessions, classes, and retreats are created for every woman, on every journey. Cannabis is welcome and highly encouraged, but not mandatory. The only requirement for healing is that you dedicate yourself to YOU. HealYou supports you along your journey and our goal is to make sure our tribe is educated and well informed on our healing practices and we can ensure full transparency.

Let us not neglect our daily affirmations, cannabis sessions, and yoga. We owe ourselves peace.

Dr. Dope