Starting Over



Starting over became the foundation on which I built my life

~J.K Rowlings


Let’s go back to child hood for a moment. Imagine this: You’re nine years old, sitting at the table completing your homework. You’ve rushed through it, your work is sloppy and you know that you’re going to be told to re-write it. So, what do you do? You rip that page out and START OVER.


Now, apply this to your life in this waking moment. You may be in a place where you’re…well…just not feeling it. Things seem to go wrong. You’re tired of being tired. You hate your job. Your relationships aren’t flowing the way that you would like. Ultimately, you are searching for your happiness and desire ways to Heal YOU! The most amazing thing is, you can START OVER.


Okay, whine a little. Find every complaint that you can muster up and Get. It. Out! Yes, starting over takes some diligence but you can turn your life around in an instance all while enjoying your life journey. 


Here are 4 Tips to help you with Starting Over…In Life!


1. Determine Who You Want To Be: This is the time to dig deep down and ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?” While asking yourself this question, keep in mind that there is no one judging you and there are no barriers keeping you from being honest with yourself. It’s okay to be true in your answer and to not flee from your purest thought. Once you have answered this question, hold on to your answer and FANTASIZE. Fantasize everyday about who you are determined to become. You will notice that you will be driven to think positive thoughts and make small changes, each day, helping you to become your ideal self.


2. Take Care of Your Body and Mind: Your mind feeds your body and your body returns it to your mind. Your mind and body are connected, forming the behaviors in which you perform. Be mindful of the content you consume on a daily basis and make healthier choices. Spend time reading, listening to, and watching positive messages. When you do this, you may find that you are even making healthier choices on how you nourish your body. You might find yourself drinking tea, instead of soda, and you may even find yourself on a workout regimen. Both are recommended. Ultimately, be kind to both your mind and body as these are the two that make up the vessel in which you live!


3. Think Proactively: Thinking proactively simply means to think forward. Everything that has happened before this present moment is the past. Even the last sentence you read! If you want to be healthy, happy, and in love, it would not be fair to you to believe that you must dwell on past hurt, mistakes, and hardships. Those are all of the past. A way to think about it: You are only at this moment because you’ve gotten through the past. Keep taking steps forward, thinking forward, and being proactive in all that you do.


4. Just Do It: Simple! There is no better time, than NOW to start over in life. You do not have to wait for a certain day or time. You can start making changes in this moment. Your moment to start over, in life, is right here and it starts with you!


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