Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Okay, so the year is getting closer to end and the goals we’ve planned seem to be getting further away. Work is out of control, the days seem shorter, and there seems to be zero hours left on the clock for “me time”. This is the time of year where reflective thoughts kick in and our brains go into this “what if?” and “why me?” state.

The great thing is, there is a cure for this overload that doesn’t require more than simple advice. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Period. The amount of stress that happens around this time of year is quite normal and it usually stems from an overabundance of questions about days that have passed, not allowing room for us to grow today.

If you aren’t sure where to start or even want a refresher, here are a 4 tips that you can use to not be so hard on yourself:

  1. Set realistic expectations. Know that it is okay to make mistakes because…YOU. ARE. HUMAN. Remember that mistakes are not to be used as excuses, but rather to learn the lesson from them and move forward in growth.
  2. Challenge your negative inner critic. We experience over 35 thoughts PER MINUTE. It is okay to let thoughts flow naturally, but just as naturally as they flow in, allow them to make their path out. For those negative thoughts that creep in, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Get real with them, and replace them with positive speech. A good practice of this can be to utilize short and simple affirmations.
  3. Put things into perspective. The best way to calm stress is to think about perspective. In moments where you may be hard on yourself, think about this perspective: Instead of “why is this situation happening to me?” and “I wish it were different,” how about “I’m going to make a new situation happen” and “I look forward to starting fresh.”
  4. Treat yourself as your own best friend. Practice being kind and loving toward yourself.


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