The Power of Affirmations


Before we begin, let’s take the time to break down what an affirmation is. An affirmation is really anything that you think and say, both silently and aloud. This normal process of using our brains to guide us, is the very process that affirms our experiences and how we perceive reality. Many times, it can be very easy to say and think negatively and in turn find ourselves having bad experiences. When this happens, we can feel like we are standing on a road with two paths to follow without any clear direction. The great thing about affirmations simply being what we say and think, is that we can change these affirmations. We can speak to the negative affirmations with positive ones.


How they work: Affirmations work in a very simple, yet powerful way. Affirmations actually train our brains, our thinking patterns, our self speak, all ultimately translating into a healthier and happier state of mind.

How to use them: Understanding how to use affirmations is the key to any success that you are desiring. With these 5 steps, you can begin changing your life and how you perceive it:

1. Start with “I am”: This is how you affirm for yourself what you are ready to believe and train your brain to always seek

2. Be sure to stay in the present moment and keep it positive: Staying in the present moment allows you to not dwell on what has already passed and keeping your affirmation positive allows you to counteract negative thoughts and speech that may try to force themselves in.

3. Be very specific, but brief: Be very mindful of your affirmation and let it focus on something that you want to change right now but make it brief so that you can remember it.

4. Repeat your affirmations: Stating your affirmation, both silently and aloud, allows your brain and subconscious to capture what it is you are affirming.

5. Practice Daily: Make your affirmations a daily practice. You can practice them any where and at any time that is comfortable for you. Just be sure to make a habit of them.


Daily affirmations are positive statements that declare a specific goal. They are simple yet powerful and can make a world of a difference.


If you need guidance on creating an affirmation, I am here to help along the way. Reach out and Heal You.

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