Is Therapy Right For Me?

Okay, it’s 2019 and you’re saying to yourself “I’m stressed the F*CK OUT!”

If this is the case, then just know that you’re human and it’s going to be okay! In today’s fast paced society, more people are finding it a bit difficult to juggle the day to day activities without frequent burnout, stress, anxiety, and worry. Social media has become the outlet for some and  the plea for a little reassurance is only met with a like and no real words of encouragement. For those who may not turn to social media, it may be difficult to talk to loved ones without feeling like a burden because hey, we all are going through something, right?  This is where therapy can be a great option!

I’m hoping to break the ‘olden day’ day stigma of “therapy is only for people who are crazy!” This notion is 100 percent not true at all! Therapy is for any one and everyone no matter where we are in life. Think of therapy as your own little, private, chat session where you can relieve stress without being judged and work toward being the best version of yourself with encouragement along the way.  We all want to be our best selves and live our best lives WITHOUT the stress, worry, and anxiety.

If you’re wondering if therapy is a good option for you, ask yourself one question…”Am I breathing?” If you’re answer is ‘yes’ then therapy is right for you. There are different types of therapies that are suitable to the individual. For a list of therapies and their meaning, visit

Lastly, Heal You offers an affordable and convenient therapy program called PepTalks™ offering Mindfulness-based, Cognitive Behavioral, and Emotion-focused therapies.  For more information, visit our therapy page and schedule a free chat! 🙂 #HealYou

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