Step 1: Recognizing The Toxic

Hi Healing People! I’m hoping today is a great day and you’ve found the positive vibes the Universe had stored for you.

I did a poll a few days ago asking “do you struggle with cutting off toxic relationships?” I was surprised, but happy to see that a little more than half said “no”! So this will be for those who still struggle with cutting off toxic relationships and for those who want a little more to add to their resource bank.

Please know that you are getting stronger each day and it is okay to NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH TOXIC PEOPLE! PERIOTTTTTT

 Have you ever met a person who has been demanding, unpleasant, or just flat out difficult? I’m sure we can all think of one. Well, that person may not be entirely toxic and could just fall into the category of undesirable. A toxic person can and will infect your entire life…. in essence.

 Let’s discuss toxic and what it truly means for someone to be toxic.

Toxic people try to control you. Toxic people have no control over their lives so naturally they want to control yours. Let’s say you’re thriving in a goal and fee amazing about it. A healthy individual will find a sense of happiness for you BUT a toxic person will respond with disdain and tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t continue. The toxic person is trying to control your level of success because they are not controlling their own. This is just one example of how a toxic person may try to control you. 


Toxic people disregard your boundaries. Respecting boundaries typically come easy for individuals who are well adjusted. A toxic person, on the other hand, thrives off of crossing boundaries. If you tell someone that you don’t like a certain behavior toward you and they continue to disregard your wishes, they may be toxic. 

Toxic people take without giving. Give and take is a part of life. It exists in all relationships and is also called balance. Toxic people don’t understand balance! At all! They take and take and will continue to take as long as you’re willing to give. There is never a sense of fairness with a toxic person.

Toxic people are always “right.” Everyone has an ego and we would all like to believe we are right about things. BUT there is also a time to admit when we are wrong, especially at the detriment of another person’s feelings. Toxic people don’t believe this and will fight for their “right to be right” at all costs.

Toxic people aren’t honest.  At all. About anything and everything. Just blatant dishonesty. You know, the type of people who will pick up the phone and call you just to lie about nothing for no reason.  Those types.

Toxic people love to be victims. Toxic people carry a victim mentality and never take responsibility for anything. It’s very important to recognize the line between someone expressing what is REALLY going on and someone who just wants sympathy for sympathy’s sake. Toxic people believe that the world is perpetually against them and they are in no way responsible for anything that happens in their life.

Sound familiar? 

These are just a few of the classic signs of toxicity. Sometimes we can fail to recognize the signs of a toxic person until we actually consider our difficulty with them. One of the biggest things to do is to trust your intuition. It’s there to guide you and if it tells you “shit ain’t right!” …





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