A Great Stress Relief Tip For Everyday Use

One tip to help with stress relief: 🗣 BREATHE

Breathing is not only essential to life, but may be used as a tool when we sit with it and learn to control it.

Focusing on our breathing brings states of awareness and helps improve mood. Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Try this…

1. Find a comfortable space for you.

2. Bring your awareness to your breath by counting as you inhale and exhale.

3. Make note of your entire body…feel YOU…Be with YOU for a moment.


Note how you feel afterwards. Your body will thank you! 😊🧘‍♀️

Have you stocked up for all your personal protection essentials?


Published by healyoumd

Wife. Life Coach. Certified Personal Trainer. Speaker. Creativity Seeker.Teacher. Group Instructor.Friend.

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