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Dr. Dope’s Motto: Educate. Heal. Be Dope.

Thank you, for you, for taking the time to stop by today! My name is Destinee Parker and I am  Dr. Dope. I’m a wife, former political candidate, hair stylist, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Order of Eastern Star. I have a background in studied and degreed Psychology, holistic therapy, herbal medicine and a passion for helping individuals create the lives they desire. Because honestly, it’s possible!

I am also a lover and advocate of THC, Hemp, and CBD. With the daily encouragement from my wife and my passions fusing, born was Dr. Dope!

Why Dr. Dope?

My mission is to provide resources and tools surrounding the topics of THC, Hemp, and CBD. I educate my clients who have used or would like to experience usage on how to incorporate the plant as a  holistic and alternative form of healing.

Dr. Dope, is the FIRST Holistic Cannabis Therapist who creates an ultimate healing experience by combining her knowledge of  MPS (mental, physical, spiritual) Healing with THC, CBD, and Hemp Regimens!

My Primary Focus is to help individuals compliment with NATURAL HEALING regimens with THC, CBD, and/or Hemp.

My Services Include:

-Spiritual therapy

-Manifestation therapy 

-Holistic physical therapy

-Pressure Point therapy


-Short term/long term positivity therapy

-Custom therapeutic products

If you’re interested in more information on the services listed, please 



*Disclaimer: My work is not to replace your doctor’s orders. If you have a medical condition, or any concerns, please reach out to your doctor before starting a program with Dr. Dope.