Just a Quick Tip

I read an article, recently, that presented survey results about the level of happiness Americans feel. Even though the article is from 2018, it was still pretty shocking to see that approximately 62% of the survey participants (160k took the survey), were mostly unhappy about their life. This blew my mind but also intrigued meContinue reading “Just a Quick Tip”


Hi Healing People! We are officially loaded on step 2 of cutting off the toxic! (If you missed step 1, recognizing the toxic, or need a refresher…click here  ) Cutting off the toxic can mean something different for each person. It’s important for you to carry out the best solution that works for you andContinue reading “Step 2: CUTTING OFF THE TOXIC”

Why Stress Isn’t Always a Bad Thing…

Why Stress Isn’t Always a Bad Thing – And How to Tap Into a Flow State Your brain releases a large number of hormones and neurotransmitters in response to your cognition. When you are in danger, this leads to the release of dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin to help make you more alert, stronger and faster.Continue reading “Why Stress Isn’t Always a Bad Thing…”

Starting Over

Starting over became the foundation on which I built my life ~J.K Rowlings   ♥ Let’s go back to child hood for a moment. Imagine this: You’re nine years old, sitting at the table completing your homework. You’ve rushed through it, your work is sloppy and you know that you’re going to be told toContinue reading “Starting Over”